Free Clipart & Free Animations

BACKGROUNDS II - Nearly 800 to pick from

Racing - Racing Animations, Cars and Flags
Skulls - Animated Skulls
Smileys - Smiley Animated Gifs
Space - Space Related Animations
Stars - Animated Stars
Trees - Animated Trees and Bushes
Thanksgiving - Animated Thanksgiving Graphics
Turtles - Animated Turtles
Wording - Animated Words and Sayings

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BACKGROUNDS I - OVER 500 to pick from

Aliens - Animated Aliens and Space Creatures
Bars - Animated Bars and Dividers
Birds - Animated Birds
Butterflys - Animated Butterflys
Canadian - Canadian Animations and Flags
Cars - Animated Cars and Trucks
Cats - Animated Cats
Cartoons - Cartoon Animated Gifs
Christmas - Chistmas Related Animations
Computers - Computer Animations
Construction - Under Construction Animated Gifs
Dancers - Animated Dancers and Girls
Dogs - Dog Animations
Dolls - Animated Dolls
Emails - Email Animated Gifs
Eyes - Animated Eyes and Eyeballs
Fish - Fish Animations
Flags - Animated Flags
Flowers - Animated Flowers and Roses
Frogs - Animated Frog Gifs
Globes - Animated Globes & Planets
Holiday - Holiday Animations
Hearts - Animated Hearts and Valentines
Insects - Animated Insects
Lights - Animated Lights & Flames
Money - Animated Money, Coins and Currency
Motorcycles - Animated Motorcycles
Music - Music Related Animations
Nautical - Nautical and Ocean Related Gifs
Neon - Neon Light Animations
Numbers - Animated Numbers and Counters
People - People Animations